I got a C+ on a tough essay. Is this a bad thing?

So, I had to write this essay last week for my English 1010-33 class. It was kind of like a rhetorical analysis of three different articles that we have read outside of the classroom. The objective was to find mutual key concepts between each article and pick ONE and find your stance and write a 6 page essay on it. Due to the content of this essay, I've heard many people say it's the hardest essay of the year, why? because you have to base you writing on three different authors rather than just do a rhetorical analysis on one. Anyway, I have received A's on all of my other papers except this one...I got a C+. Is that a bad thing? I feel really stupid right now.

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One Response to “I got a C+ on a tough essay. Is this a bad thing?”

  1. peevishness says:

    Depends on whether you consider a C bad or not. You have to set your own standards.