Is the internet making society less honest and less moral?

It's very easy for people to pirate music and movies and download term papers and essays they can turn in as their own.Will there soon be a generation of kids who think everything should be handed to them for free?

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5 Responses to “Is the internet making society less honest and less moral?”

  1. nelumbian says:

    yes i will never be the same after watching BME pain Olympics and 2 girls 1 cup

  2. superstructory says:


  3. emanatory says:

    i think that in some ways, yes. kids are able to acces things that they will take for granted. it makes it easier for them to cheat in school, and cheat companies that wont make a profit off of music, movies, or television if it is found on the internet.

  4. oswalt says:

    its just amplifies urges to put them at your finger tips, if you dont have those urges its not really a problem but if you do its exponentially worse

  5. lithic says:

    yes and yes