Is there a symbol for chi square on MS Word?

I'm writing an essay on critiquing research papers and I need to use the wiggly X that represents chi. I can't find it in the symbol box, anyone got any ideas?

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3 Responses to “Is there a symbol for chi square on MS Word?”

  1. Digenetica says:

    You can make it easily and then store it as a little Word file. It works like this:1. Open a new Word doc2. Click on Insert top line and then on Symbol3. Find the font called Symbol by looking in the drop-down box, and search for Chi.4. Insert Chi.5. Then type 2 after it and highlight just the 2.6. Go to Format top line and Font and click on Superscript.7. You now have Chi-square and you can save that for use by Copy-Paste whenever you need it.

  2. interlocutrices says:

    Rather than searching for the Chi symbol, you can just enter a lowercase “c” with the font set as symbol. Report Abuse

  3. undistraught says:

    I think it might be in the equation editor, thats how I usually put symbols and equation in.equation editor is sometimes hard to find, I think you have to get it through the options/customise menu then insert the button onto your word toolbar