What is a good intro paragraph for my teenage lying essay?

i am writing a paper on teenage lying. its a nature versus nurture paper and i dont know how to start it. how should i write my intro?

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3 Responses to “What is a good intro paragraph for my teenage lying essay?”

  1. fuzzed says:

    Kind of use Shakespeare “To Be or not to be” line.Like maybe write: “To Lie or not To Lie.That is the question.”

  2. imbirussu says:

    write your body first then you can go back and do your intro

  3. cecidomyiid says:

    A good introduction format:(A= beginning) A: Topic (Not the thesis, his should be the topic! which is teenagers lying) (B= Middle) B:Popular Belief about the topic(C= End) C: Thesis statement (A good thesis statement is one that specific but still inclusive. A thesis statement is not the main idea of your essay as most think; it is rather a statement of your opinion which challenges popular beliefBTW for your “teenager lying” thesis just speak from the heart and write sincerely. Write so your essay is effective and clear. Effectiveness and clarity is what English teachers look for, keep that in mind for the rest of your life, it’ll help you out a lot!Good Luckp.s. I feel your pain I’m writing an essay too; although it’s on the relationship between society and the individual.