Can anyone help me? NYU with a 92?…?

It is beyond belief how badly I want to go to NYU, but I don't know if i have a chance!-I am taking 2 honors classes (and will be in 2 next year) and the only AP class I will graduate with is Micro/macro econmic which I will take next year as a senior. My final weighted average will be somewhere between 92 and 93.-I have not taken the SATs or the ACTs yet bet I feel that I will not do THAT well, most likely an average score.- Where I lack points on my average (and most likely SAT/ACT), I make up for it with a number of other "credentials" NHS......(and running to be on the exec board) Model UN.....10th, 11th- Secretary, 12th- president (next year) Chorus all four years of highschool Ecology center volonteer State Senetor Summer Intern Town Lifeguard Varsity swimming and diving (10,11,12) Korean lessons 1st place essay contest winner in NY, (suffolk and nassua county, and NYC) VFW hospital volanteerI am extremely committed to NYU and I will do everything possible to prove this to admissionsEarly descision or regular admisions?*planing on studying political science or international relations (if that matters)any advice you have for me would be great!THANK YOU so much if you took the time to read all of this, I appreciate it very much

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  1. abos says:

    I feel that you have a chance based on the admissions statistics given on the source below. Get one of the SAT and or study guides ( I included links to those below also). By studying for the SAT and ACT you can raise your scores on these test. Finally, have confidence in your abilities, if you don’t get in right away find a community college that NYU will accept credits from and or has a relashonship with the university. Good luck, study hard and don’t stress too much. If your goal is to go to NYU you will find a way to get in.