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True FriendsIn life we will met many people, but only very, few of them we call friends. There are some friends that you think they are real and great people. When some thing happens to you. They want call or pick up their phone. They will even drive in a different direction, so they do not run in to you and end up listening to your trouble story. If by accident they run in to you all off the sudden they will became very busy. They are running late to go do some thing; never exists. They can leave very quickly. Therefore, they do not have time to you any more. They become different person. That is when you find out what kind of friends you have been surrounded. You start looking back with your memory. How in the world did I get my self together with those people? When do we get together? What have they done in my life and pieces by pieces the picture of their bad influence came to your imagination. Why did not I say no to their friendship then? I was a fool. I could not believe it took me all this time to find out who they really are. You get mad at your self. Then you become calm, and you will say, but I have learned my lesson. I will never be a fool again. Start thinking and praying for them forgetting your own problems. You wish for them to be a better influence in their life and to the people around them.There are some other kinds of friends. It seems like they have all the time in the world; that always have the time for you. They listen to your problems, give you an advice or search for other help. They have the entire patient to help you. They really care. A true friend is always true in every situation. True friend loves no matter what. Always look some thing good at you when you do not even feel it. Never give up. To encourage, or to lift you up when you fail. Therefore, to celebrate your success as well. In life, we all need some one very close to shier our thoughts and flings. Out of all those people we met in our life, few are true friends. Who stays very close in good times as well as in bad times? Friends are essential in our life just as food is to our living. Friends, their friendship plays a great role in our life. Friend ship is a gift that we offer because we must. Friendship has no set price. For those who set a price they have no friendship to give. I have many friends in my life. Only very few of them are real. Friends could be family members’ parents, brothers or sisters. For the past ten years, I have had my mom as my best friend. She is always their for me. She had the entire patient to listing my whining and complains. She will pray for me all the time. Every time some thing comes up, I will call her. We will talk for a very long time, and encourages me not to give up in life. Therefore, I will feel release and sleep peacefully. Because her words were so comforting, still they are. I cannot wait to see her in heaven. My beloved mother and best friend. I Love You Mother.In life, we all need some one very close to share our thoughts and flings.

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    Err, you expect someone to actually read all that? Especially since I picked out spelling and grammatical errors in the first sentence! Nah, no one wants to sit and try to decode a mine field of errors like that.Summarize – please.