Help for essay on the AMERICAN DREAM?

I am writing a research paper on the american dream and i was wondering if anyone knows of some good scholarly books based on the american dream

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4 Responses to “Help for essay on the AMERICAN DREAM?”

  1. cryptographical says:

    poem “two scavangers in a truck, two beautiful people in a mercedes” by Larence Ferlinghetti

  2. pickleweed says:

    Not a book but you can get great info in Forbes and Fortune magazines.Also Wall Street Journal. Then read Death of a Salesman..

  3. outthreaten says:

    Unsung Heroines: Single Mothers and the American Dream: Ruth SidelChina and the American Dream: A Moral Inquiry – by Richard P Madsen -

  4. trucks says:

    The Great Gatsby has a theme of the American dream.