The legacy of ancient Greece.?

What is the essence of the brilliance of the ancient Greeks?" ALTERNATE: "Explain how the idea of the unique brilliance of the ancient Greeks is misguided." The idea is that the Greeks were responsible for many amazing innovations (democracy, drama, philosophy, the polis etc.), so what seems to be the key or the secret or the common factor to their brilliance?I'm not really sure what direction to take for this essay, just looking for some help to point me in the right direction.Thanks a bunch

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    Laurier CL 101?Look at it as being brand-new. There may have been rudimentary precursors to democracy, theatre, art and other Greek things, but the ancient Greeks either improved, or refreshed these ideas. Like the Dionysia, this was the festival celebrating the god of Wine, Vegetation and Fertility. It was a long established festival that was taken up by the Archon and the council in 501 to promote and re-enforce democracy in Athens. While it existed prior to 501, it was strictly a festival. After 501, it was used by the council and archon to promote democracy to the visiting foreigners. It didn’t just have a random selection of plays; the plays addressed current issues, as well as the mythical stories of the Gods as stories of morals and ethics.Another thing you could use is the philosophical ideas. They have shaped most of what we learn and how society runs today. Think of Plato’s Academy. Even when the Romans conquered Greece, the developments continued to spread and flourish because the Romans took much of what they knew from the Greeks.