How do you say “First of July is Moving Day” In Canadian French?

Can somebody who speak Canadian French fluently can tell me how to write and say it? I need it for an essay.Salut :D

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4 Responses to “How do you say “First of July is Moving Day” In Canadian French?”

  1. caroches says:

    Hi,I’m not Canadian but French. I would say “Le premier Juillet c’est la Fête du Déménagement” or “Le premier Juillet est la journée nationale du déménagement”. We don’t say “le premier DE juillet” but “le premier Juillet” and the canadian tradition of the Moving Day is translated as “Fête du Déménagement” or “journée nationale du déménagement”. I tend to prefer the first translation but I’m not canadian so I don’t know the more typical way to translate it.Anyway, happy Moving Day.

  2. anconeta says:

    I’m French Canadian and I say (and the majority of Quebecois says): Le premier juillet est le jour des déménagements.

  3. hostel says:

    Le premier de Juillet est le jour de déménager!Luh preh-mee-air duh joo-wee-ay ay luh joor duh deh-meh-nah-jay (pronounce the j’s and g’s the same way you pronounce the g in massage)

  4. sdnomde says:

    D’abord de Juillet est Moving Day”