Need some help for writing an essay about bullying!?

Hi, I am a random 14 year old school boy that is writing an essay for class about bullying.I want to ask you why do people Bully? Reasons? Is it for fun people bully? Mental problems? Fear?Why do people bully? Please answer.

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  1. curara says:

    There are a number of reasons for bullying:1. Low self esteem–the bully makes himself/herself feel better by exerting power over someone else2. They are “passing on” bullying that has been done to them–they use bullying to alleviate the pain they feel for being bullied3. They are acting out the bullying they have witnessed others do–could have witnessed it at home, among peers, on TV 4. They are searching for something to alleviate their sense of powerlessness–situations over which they have no control has made them feel weak but being a bully gives them a feeling of power and controlFor further info: [external link] …

  2. check'd says:

    People who don’t think highly of themselves feel the need to make others feel lower than themselves to replace the lack of self esteem. They take it out on others by bullying. This almost always sources from issues growing up.

  3. huoyen says:

    Absence of love, affection and care are also some factors why they use bullying as their coping mechanism which is showing that they are always in control and dominate others.

  4. newcomers says:

    Approximately 12, 8-10 year old children commit suicide every year because they are victims of bullying. Whereas 1.3 million children a year bully others. What is bullying? As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one who hurts or intimidates others. This assault may occur in two principle forms, verbal or physical. There are specific reasons why bullying happens and specific solutions that could help save as many as 12 lives a year.Bullying is generally cruel, malicious, or humiliating behavior towards an individual or even a group of various aged people. It is demeaning and can cause untold stress, anger and suffering to those on the receiving end, which in some cases can lead to suicide. Bullying may occur in both verbal and physical forms. Bullying that does not involve hitting and kicking can be just as damaging as actual full out fighting. [external link] …

  5. noodle says:

    I have been that age too! At that age, I was harassed a lot. I was beaten, but I fought back.I believe it depends on the person. Here’s a list of why they might bully:1)They feel insecure so they feel a need to have power. They feel that power comes from being above a person.2)They think it’s fun. A lot of people don’t know what they are doing until it is too late. Until it has become a routine.3)They don’t like you for being the way you are. I can understand this one. Some people beat me up for wearing weird clothing. It was formal clothing, so I guess Americans like to wear their own style of fashionable clothing.4)They want to relieve their pain by putting it on others.Here’s an outline of what you should write: Many people in the world have been traumatized by the bullying in their youth. Some go as far as causing the victims to commit suicide in addition to the abnormal but increasingly popular school shootings. What caused the death of thirty-two people excluding the perpetrator at the Virginia Tech Massacre? The same cause of the two most infamous school shooters of all American history. Why are the oppressors doing this? Some of the major reasons include the need for insecurity, the fun, and their background.***************************************…I hope this helps/