What’s the point of a ‘best answer’?

...because people only pick what the answer that they want to hear. Like this question I saw was like 'What is most important to you?' amd the best answer was 'you'. I mean, I know im sounding funny, partly because im bored and I want to ask a question, but iv'e seen people put so much effort into their answers, like literally essays, and no one takes any notice of them. So, why do people even bother waisting their time writing essays for people who cant be bothered to think for themselves and not getting chosen as best answer because the person who was chosen as best answer told the asker that they shoud just 'follow their dreams and listen to their heart'. Bullshit. Step into reality.Thanks you listening =]Anyone with a reasonable comment I will give ten points too. Yay 10 points! That will get you far in life. *fume*

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4 Responses to “What’s the point of a ‘best answer’?”

  1. genuses says:

    Some people do actually use this site for the reason it was set up and that is to gain information and on occasion, that Information is correct and helpful.Need I say more?

  2. humbugging says:

    Why does there have to be a point? If someone likes your answer best, they give you ten points. If you don’t want them, it doesn’t matter because they are of no use anyway. Some askers are not interested in serious answers, but regardless, they get to pick the one they like best. That’s just how it goes. A lot of the longer answers are cut and paste anyway. It would be just as easy to give the link to the site. I have written many heart-felt answers really trying to help. Very few people care, and some don’t even read their answers. They are just killing time asking silly questions. Once in awhile you give an answer and you honestly feel you have helped someone. Then it’s all worth it.

  3. impolitical says:

    i agree with youi’ve given some people some really long thought out answers and they turn around and give best answer to someone who used a couple words off the top of their head.is this what you wanted to hear? cause i haven’t gotten a best answer in like 3 weeks :( (

  4. dinkel says:

    Most people enjoy getting a best answer. Well, I guess everyone enjoys it to some extent. Morale-booster, maybe, but that’s about it, as far as I’m concerned.When I first came on this site, I was frustrated at some of the “best answer” votes. But I got used to it. Many people choose what they want to hear as best, whether it’s right, wrong, or anywhere in between.Yes, it’s frustrating to see that an answer such as “yeah, that sucks” get chosen as best, but that’s the way it is. It’s a public site, so you have to expect anything.Answer to the best of your ability. Not much more you can do. If it gets picked as best, savor the moment. If not, don’t fret about it. As long as you know your answer was a good one, that’s all that counts.