George W Bush Good or Bad?

So I have an American Cit project to do on our assigned President, and I got George W Bush. We are supposed to write a persuasive essay on whether he was good or bad based on how he used his powers. Can anybody give me some links to some good and bad things he did while in office? I would appreciate if your personal opinions were left out, and the links should contain facts, not opinions. Thanks for any help!

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9 Responses to “George W Bush Good or Bad?”

  1. leadman says:

    He increased the size and scope of government tremendously, he spent far more than any President before him, he removed habeas corpus, he mandated the intrusion into our private lives with the Patriot Act. He did lower taxes and in the early part of his two terms we had very low unemployment.My opinion is that he was a seriously misguided President who thought he was doing what was best for the people of the United States but he had little or no regard for the Constitution.

  2. flambeing says:

    Good- Cut taxes- Prevented Saddam from killing the Kurds- Overthrew the Taliban Government- Good economic times

  3. dmststa says:


  4. raunge says:

    From the illegal Iraq war, “We’ll be welcomed as Liberators,” and “Mission Accomplished” to “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job!” Add a climate of “hands-off” regulation and an outrageous give-away to the rich contributing to the worst economic collapse since the great depression – it was a pretty sad eight years.I fear that he wasn’t a very good President.Here’s a link, tons of facts: [external link]

  5. heterodox says:

    Nobody is all good or bad. Gandhi fell in with a bad crowd when he was 14. Hitler was a good son and very devoted to his mother. George W Bush was the son of a millionaire ex-President. He was given an Ivy League education, but fancied himself a cowboy oil man. He was bold and decisive, but not exceptionally careful. He should not bear all the blame for 9/11, and before that, he was opposed to using the US Army for nation-building. But when the American people insisted he act, he did. His plans for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq went beautifully, but he forgot to plan for even the most obvious needs for afterward, like protection for museums, electrical power, and they foolishly disbanded the Iraqi police and military. His tax policy stimulated the economy, but created a huge deficit and a bubble in the housing market. His attempt at comprehensive immigration reform was blocked by right wing radicals in his own party.He will probably go down in history as an average President.

  6. bartends says:

    Good. He was so good, the Dali Lama just spent the day with George and Laura at the home in Dallas.

  7. rpcprop says:

    Beyond bad, more like horrible.

  8. hankering says:

    I think the assignment is pretty lame, personally. To label a president as “good” or “bad” is a little bit too cut-and-dry for real life. Bush was, what I believe to be, a good man in a situation that was over his head. I believe he did what he felt was best in most situations and had integrity. I think he tried hard to please both sides of the aisle and ended up pleasing few. Many good programs were enhanced under Bush and many unfortunate policies were put in place, as well. Bush will go down in history, I think, as somewhere just above average in his rankings of presidents, but he could have been so much more. The criticism from the left is radical and unmerited as is the overblown praise from the right. Look at what was actually accomplished during his presidency on all fronts, ignore the rhetoric from both sides and make your own determination.