What is a good symbol to represent yourself in high school?

Hey eveyone, So for my English exam ( in the form of a presentation), I have to write a poem about my Grade 9 and 10 years, write a photo essay on my Grade 11 year and create a 3-D collage of a symbol that best represents who I am throughout high school. For example, an athletic student would use a baseball bat or dumbell to represent themselves if they were a baseball player or weight-trainer. Or, an artist would create make a 3D paintbrush to illustrate their symbol. I was thinking of a telephone, because I am EXTREMELY outgoing and am talking 24/7 (even in my sleep) , and also because I think communication is one of the key things that helped me to blossom into who I am. I volunteer at a day-care center, and I would love to become a child psych, if that helps. I am also the vice-president of the social justice committee in our school, so I am really big on the whole social justice scene. ( I was thinking I should make a symbol of this instead, to impress my teacher.) So, I am extremely lost, and I would like to know , what symbols you would have used, or what I should consider using as a symbol so I can get some inspiration. Please help me out and thanks!

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2 Responses to “What is a good symbol to represent yourself in high school?”

  1. Numantine says:

    I got an idea: why don’t you use this pic as a symbol of what highschool is ultimitely all about: [external link] …

  2. bribable says:

    i’ll bet you can design a symbol for the social justice committee and impress your teacher and get an A on the project.sounds like a real challenge but methinks you are intelligent and up for the task.