Which one of these printers should I buy?

1) [external link] …2) [external link] …The brother has cheaper ink but I've heard canon makes really long lasting printers.Which one should I buy which one is going to last me a long time? I dont print much photos if any at all I just need to print my essays and occasionally some color pictures but mostly just word documents, I scan a lot so an all in one is a must so which one of these should I pick

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  1. unaccurate says:

    Neither. As someone who was in the computer hardware business for years (though I rarely sold printers since I couldn’t compete with the crazy rebates) I have always recommended Epson. The print quality is excellent, even on plain paper. I have photos I printed on a 640 about ten years ago hanging in my office which still look good, though not as good as the ones from the CX8400 on glossy paper. The warranty is excellent. For a year, Epson will express-ship a replacement and pick up the old one. I had one customer who needed this. He called one afternoon and had the replacement two days later. Another client bought a Canon. It needed two repairs within a few months. Each time it was taken to the repair center, then picked up a few days later. This client runs a specialty printing business and this really hurt. They have since bought an Epson CX5000 and have had no down time since.All name brand ink is expensive, but you can get cheap new replacement cartridges for Epson (not refills which I never recommend) for under $5 at [external link] I have been using these for years.The CX8400 scanner/copier/printer was on sale at circuitcity.com for $60 with free shipping. It uses 3 colors plus black.The NX400 which uses the same cartridges was on sale at staples for $75.The RX595 scanner/copier/printer also prints on DVDs. It uses 5 colors plus black and has even higher photo quality. It’s on sale for $80 after $55 instant rebate. [external link] …

  2. Hominidae says:

    I dont print any color but a friend told me get a laser printer this time, I love it and I dont have to buy those ink cartridges all the time it was $100 a office depot plus got a $20 mail in rebate, its made by Brother check it out no more ink for me.