I need help writing a persuasive essay on “Of Mice and Men” about why George was right by killing Lennie?

It is a hard subject, and the opinions vary depending on who reads it. Some people think that it was a merciful thing that George did by killing Lennie. George knew what would happen if Lennie was caught. He would be imprisoned, possibly beaten, and eventually he would be killed by people he didn't know for committing a crime that he wasn't mentally capable of understanding. He knew that other people would not be able to understand Lennie and his situation like he did, and he did not want to have Lennie's last moments in life being terrifying ones for him. So, asking him to picture the bunny - something that made him happy - George killed Lennie to save him from others wrath.

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  1. nonphonetic says:

    Personally, i don’t think george was right by killing lennie. But for essay sake, just say it was to save him from being tortured by the other men that were out searching for him, that were going to kill him tragically, where as george put him out of his misery quick and easy. the reason behind all the killing was because Lennie killed the farmers wife, and he found out, and went searching for Lennie, and was going to kill him inhumanly.