Help with my To Kill A Mockingbird essay?

Just so we're clear, so this isn't some sh-it where I'm going to ask for answers.I just need help with some ideas. (Yes, I have read the book)I'm just having trouble writing a thesis.Okay, so I'm writing an essay on the class conflicts in To Kill A Mockingbird, explaining how class conflict imbues all aspects of Maycomb's life-style. I'm planning on starting off the Intro by explaining my argument and the story.My second paragraph will be explaining what (social) class conflict is, my third will an example of class conflict (Calpurnia and Lula) and so will the fourth (Scout and Walter) and fifth(Tom and the Ewells), then finally my conclusion.Again, I'm having trouble writing a thesis...I really need some help with that, maybe a few ideas too.Side Note: (if needed) The different social classes in Maycomb are (from upper class to lower)Wealthy, white, educatedWeathly, white, uneducatedPoor, white, educatedPoor, white, uneducatedPoor, black, educatedPoor, black, uneducatedPlease'Thankyou

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    You can think of a thesis as nothing more than a concluding sentence of your first paragraph. Here is a complete structure for an academic style paragraph:1. Arguable topic sentence (you must be able to disagree with it)2. Link to an example that develops your topic sentence3. Commentary explaining how the example develops the idea in the topic sentence4. Concluding sentence stating the larger significance of what you argue in the paragraphYour opening paragraph has this same structure–the only difference from the rest of the essay is that you deal with your subject there in the most general way. Your example in that paragraph is simply a short summary of the entire work (written in a way that develops the idea in the topic sentence).Thus, you begin your essay very simply:”In _To Kill a Mockingbird_, Harper Lee shows us….” Fill in the end with your own idea.Once you get to the concluding sentence, you talk about the LARGER SIGNIFICANCE of what Harper Lee is showing us in the novel. That may be some statement about what you think she hoped to accomplish in engaging the class conflicts. Again, it should be arguable (i.e. you should be able to disagree).Hope that helps. Email or IM if you’d like clarification.