Why do people argue over capital punishment?

Hello, I speak english as a second language and I have an IELTS test on this weekend, and i am concerned about the writing part. On the writing part of the test, I might get asked to write a 250 words essay regarding "Capital Punishmen or Death Penalty"But, I have zero knowlegde about this and can't think of any idea relating to this subject.My question is why is this a big deal? why do people argue over this? what are the advantages or disadvantages of this or I should say what are the positive points and negative points? Let me know your opinions, so I have something to write. Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Why do people argue over capital punishment?”

  1. agomphiasis says:

    Well morally speaking, if we don’t give life then do we have the right to take it? Is there any crime big enough for taking away someone’s life on purpose?Practically (and in my opinion), capital punishment should be given to those who truely deserve it. People like terrorists, paedophiles, serial killers, the Ted Bundy type people. They should be hanged without a second thought the moment they are found guilty.

  2. hoisted says:

    This is a very important issue. It should be decided on the basis of the facts. Here are a few facts. All are verifiable and sourced-Re: Alternatives48 states have life without parole on the books. It means what it says, is swift and sure and is rarely appealed. Being locked in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day, forever, is certainly no picnic. Life without parole incapacitates a killer (keeps him from re-offending) and costs considerably less than the death penalty.I think that twizhi_p is not aware of this.Re: Possibility of executing an innocent personOver 120 people on death rows have been released with evidence of their innocence. Many had already served over 2 decades on death row. If we speed up the process we are bound to execute an innocent person. Once someone is executed the case is closed. If we execute an innocent person we are not likely to find that out and the real criminal is still out there. Re: DNADNA is available in no more than 10% of murder cases. It is not a miracle cure for sentencing innocent people to death. It’s human nature to make mistakes. Re: AppealsOur appeals system is designed to make sure that the trial was in accord with constitutional standards, not to second guess whether the defendant was actually innocent. It is very difficult to get evidence of innocence introduced before an appeals court. Re: DeterrenceThe death penalty isn’t a deterrent. Murder rates are actually higher in states with the death penalty than in states without it. Moreover, people who kill or commit other serious crimes do not think they will be caught (if they think at all.) Re: cost The death penalty costs far more than life in prison. The huge extra costs start to mount up even before the trial. There are less expensive and more effective ways to prevent and control crime.Re: Who gets the death penaltyThe death penalty isn’t reserved for the “worst of the worst,” but rather for defendants with the worst lawyers. When is the last time a wealthy person was sentenced to death, let alone executed?Re: Victims familiesThe death penalty is very hard on victims’ families. They must relive their ordeal in the courts and the media. Life without parole is sure, swift and rarely appealed. Some victims families who support the death penalty in principal prefer life without parole because of how the death penalty affects families like theirs.Opposing the death penalty doesn’t mean you condone brutal crimes or excuse people who commit them. According to a Gallup Poll, in 2006, 47% of all Americans prefer capital punishment while 48% prefer life without parole. Americans are learning the facts and making up their minds using common sense, not revenge or an eye for an eye mentality.

  3. shrontz says:

    People argue over this because they want a criminal to be punished but they can’t agree on what the punishment should be.If you approach the question of the basis for capital punishment being a deterrent, then life imprisonment suffices. If you want to punish, then life imprisonment suffices.If you want vengeance, then death is the answer.Philosophy is where you will get your logically presented Pros and Cons.

  4. wienerwurst says:

    The question arises of “could he be innocent?” There are many who have been freed from Death Row by The Innocence Project. If you have no death penalty, no innocent are killed. Too many corrupt DA’s, cops, lawyers etc just want a conviction. Too many poor people on death row. Justice can be bought. Life can be bought. Not a good thing. Good luck on that exam. Study hard!

  5. cosponsor says:

    Capital punishment is about the ultimate respect for human life against justice. These are very powerful words. Life and justice.Now, it’s your job to elaborate. Good luck.

  6. TEMEKA says:

    Its a big deal for the simple fact that nobody can seem to come to an agreement on why there should or shouldn’t be government punishment. Its human nature to disagree with someone else about almost anything, even if they can agree with the other person.I’m not sure what religion you follow, if you follow one at all, but religion does play a, seemingly, big part in the argument; as well as the “American Way” (the ideal of “innocent till proven guilty). Religion / belief is the basis of almost every argument; from abortion to capital punishment to the US Judicial System(s). Its one of the things every country has in common, even if the religion varies. There is always some way religious beliefs are stuck (for a lack of a better word) into the minds of whomever is debating said topic.I’m not exactly sure what you are asking when you asked for the advantages and disadvantages, but I think you meant advantages and disadvantages to capital punishment/ the death penalty.An advantage could be money– tax payers pay to have the inmate clothed, fed, cared for–health-care, dental, etc, and “protected.” It costs approximately 30,000 USD each inmate for a year. That’s taking away from the money that could be going for medicare, other health-care, education, etc. Another advantage to having a death penalty would be the fact that it would be guaranteed that the inmate would not be back on the streets to kill, steal, etc again. A disadvantage, and the only one I can think of, is that the inmate was actually innocent of the crime that he was put to death for. That means that someone’s loved one, husband, wife, child, mother, father, aunt, uncle, or cousin is not alive when they should be, and the family would not be able to see them again; just visit a grave where they are– dead.

  7. menelli says:

    Pros:* Protects public forever from deceased* Makes victims feel they have been avengedCons:* More expensive than life inprisonment* Permanent – cannot take it back if wrong* No evidence is acts as deterent, andthere actually is some evidence that itactually INCREASES the likelihood ofviolent crimes.* Removes a potential witness to crimesfrom jurisdiction.* Many consider this level of justice tobe only in God’s territory (that is, theybelieve capital punishment is alwaysimmoral).The Supreme Court periodically endsup deciding whether or not it is”Cruel and Unusual” punishmentand therefore violates our Constitutionalrights.