College Essay Question?

Okay, so I'm applying for the Emory University Scholars scholarship (which will grant me a full ride to Emory if I win) and I have to write an essay the focuses on one or two of my principal intellectual interests. So, the directions for the essay say "write a brief essay about yourself (750 words) that focuses on...." So in the parentheses where it says (750 words), do you think that it will be frowned up if I write maybe like 600 words or something? I know that I shouldnt go OVER the 750 words, but about what does the whole 750 words thing mean? Does it mean, 750 word limit or maybe 750 should be around where you end? PLEASE HELP!

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  1. jaggs says:

    DO NOT go under 750 words, it will make you look like a slacker. If its not long enough just find some good filler sentences here or there or add some adjectives and whatnot.

  2. Per-Ola says:

    Also make sure you write about 1 thing and expand on it