What is a good title for an essay on Bullying?

It depends where your focus is on. If you are being bullied or it is about someone who has to put up with it every day then something like "How Would YOU Feel?", "What Happened to the Golden Rule?", or "Thanks for the Pain" would be something you would want to aim for. If it is from an analytical point of view, then "Bullying: Why It Happens", "Why Cause Pain?", "What Does a Bully Think?", "Why Bullies Bully", or my favorite "Social Darwinism Among Children". Just be creative, and just try to come up with something to catch the readers attention.

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2 Responses to “What is a good title for an essay on Bullying?”

  1. svaldez says:

    Bullying is not cool!this title is best :)

  2. oppression says:

    You can fill in according to your article.