Can anyone give me a thesis statement for the novel “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut?

My creative writing class is writing essays based off someone else's thesis statement. But i can't find a thesis statement I can write off of. I'd like to write an essay based on the symbolism in Cat's Cradle but I cant find any thesis statements on it. Please Help!

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  1. clucking says:

    I think the main theme of the book is that the truth is dangerous and people need to lie to themselves in order to make life bearable, because in the end it’s all meaningless.. Bokononism was all lies but it made people happy. The whole idea of extended families to make you feel a part of something even though they’re based on meaningless things was another aspect of this. On the other hand truth and science gives us Atom bombs and Ice Nine, which aren’t good for anybody.As far as symbolism, you could talk about the first line “You can call me Jonah,” which is an allusion to both “You can call me Ismael” in Moby Dick and the biblical story of Jonah and the whale, the whale in both instances being whatever you’re looking for, you never catch it and in the end it might destroy you. Or you could talk about how the cat’s cradle itself is like life, seemingly complex and intricate when it’s actually simple and leads nowhere, right back to where you started. I don’t know if you could write a whole paper on either of those though. There’s plenty of themes though: truth is bad, lies are good, people’s destiny is out of their hands, people never know what they truly need to make them happy.Hope that helps a little. Good luck.