How to start a topic sentence with a ‘hook’?

For the book "To Kill A Mockingbird"i'm writing a Literary Ananlyses for it kinda like an essay butwith 5 paragraphs, any ideas what my first beginning hook should be?like that attention grabber that gets the reader and start minds blank, and i'm not good with writing summaries or essay's>_<

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  1. retluoC says:

    mani HATED that bookand I HATED the was okay in sum parts but black/white movie….it was boringthe book just was endlessanyway i forgot most of itHook? I’m a really good writer….start with a quote from the bookgo to sparknotesluk at some quotes from the bookchoose one and start with itmake sure its something to draw the reader in.I don’t think you can use a personal anecdote on a summary so forget that. You can’t start with the anecdote (short story)hmm i was actually searching for my To Kill a Mockingbird essayI couldn’t find it…but you know the scarlet letter? You will read that soon, maybe next yearbut here’s how I started it (i got an A)”There’s no big surprise when you hear about a person committing adultery nowadays. In the 1600’s, however, the Puritan society strictly believed that Earth was merely an obstacle. People who committed a sin, such as adultery, were despised and punished for their failure to comply with common values”and it goes onit was a literary analysis thingy for the bookif you need help…you can email me and i’ll proofread your thingie for u before u turn it in……

  2. quadrupedation says:

    Never say you are not good at writing. With practice and life experiences you will learn and become better!The hook of your Analysis should depend on what you are focusing your analysis. You can focus on the literary symbolism applied by the author. Or you can focus on the reflection of the novel on the author’s times – i.e. how prevalent racism was back in the day. Either way, I thought of a good “hook”"Have you ever killed a mockingbird?”