Which animal chases/gives up on its prey by counting calories?

I once watched a documentary and it mentioned the hunting style of some sort of wild animal. Apparently once the animal starts chasing its prey, it automatically starts calculating how much calories its burning, and also how much calories the prey's got... Once they both match(the amount of calories), even the prey is just a few maters away, it gives up... So if the animal is chasing a rabbit, and lets say rabbit is in total 100 calories, once the predator burn exactly 100 calories while running, it gives up(even if the rabbit is just a swing of a claw away)My question is, which animal is this, and can you give me a reference as I’m thinking about using this information in one of my essays.Thank you!

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3 Responses to “Which animal chases/gives up on its prey by counting calories?”

  1. apagoge says:

    I don’t know about counting calories but if a cheetah fails to make a catch quickly, it will give up.Running at their high speeds puts a great deal of strain on the body. While running, the cheetah’s body temperature becomes high which can result in dangerous consequences if kept at it.

  2. tarsometatarsal says:

    All predators do this. They don’t exactly ‘count calories’ – calories are a human concept, and animals have no idea what they are – but they do calculate the amount of energy they are using and compare it to the amount they will get from the prey they are chasing. If the energy they must expend catching the prey exceeds the amount they will get from eating it, the hunt is pointless, and they give up.

  3. recoaling says:

    That would be a losing proposition. The predator has already expended the calories. The question would be, “Can I take down this prey before I expend more energy than I would gain from eating it?” If, in your example, the predator had already expended the 100 calories and stopped, the net loss would be 100 calories. If it could catch the prey by expending 50 more calories, the net loss would be only 50 calories (100+50-100), so it would be more efficient to continue.Most predators have a hunting technique that maximizes the calorie intake while minimizing the expenditure of energy. For example, large trout lie in wait behind large boulders, waiting for insects to wash downstream. Alligator snapping turtles and angler fish lure their prey in.