Do you think The New York TImes is impartial, or is it Bush-sided?

I've been browsing just several times, but I've become uncertain quite soon concerning its impartiallity. Do you think I can use the articles as sources in my essay for the University without hesitation?

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3 Responses to “Do you think The New York TImes is impartial, or is it Bush-sided?”

  1. clari says:

    The New York Times is considered a liberal newspaper. Not sure I believe that accusation, but they do report the news and do not hold back much material when it comes to news that is anti-Bush. Other papers such as the Wall St Journal, NY Post, Washington Post are all ultra-conservative newspapers that spin whatever they can in favor of Bush.Yes, you can use the NYT as a source for a paper. It is one of the most respected newspapers in the United States

  2. latha says:

    Excuse me, but the New York Times is entirely partisan to secular-progressive thought, and they reject any material that could be used to make the situation in Iraq look better than what they make it out to be. They and others deny the truth about the progress of the troop surge. It’s almost as if they want our soldiers to die over there in order to look better than the ‘Bush-sided.’The Washington Post is far worse, but if you want complete insanity, try The Seattle Post Intelligencer; you get the feeling that everyone that works for these ‘news papers’ has goat-ts, enough flannel to make a Scotsman sick and a huge kool-aid vat in the corner of the editing room with an ash-tray sitting on top of it that’s filled with hundreds of roaches.

  3. untine says:

    If anything I would consider it anti-Bush or at least anti-American.