What’s a good American Dream Essay Title?

My thesis is how the American Dream can never be attained due to greed.What's a good title.Some titles that i do not likeThe American Nightmare (too corny)Any suggestions ?

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  1. grizzel says:

    Alright I want to say is please recreate your thesis. The American Dream is suppose to work on greed. I need to want money to get money, Capitalism = Greed. In our economy it is a good thing to be greedy. (Excessive greed I do not heavily endorse but it is apart of our system and someone can want as much as they can make.) The American Dream: A Falsehood To The ProliterateAmerican Dream: Lies for a Better LifeThe American ExperienceThe American DisasterNow I do not approve of any of these, and I am very pro-Capitalistic and a staunch conservative when it comes to economics.