Huckleberry finn, what kind of parenting did he have?

Now i have read the book but i am kinda stumped cam some one just write down a breif summary of what i explain down below.I am writing an essay and i need a brief summary about how through out the novel, Huck is a boy without parents. i have to explain how Widow Douglas, Miss Watson, pap and Jim fail and succeed as parents for Huck. In particular, compare Jim's integrity to Pap's and describe the lessons Jim imparts to Huck.

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  1. trieu says:

    It sounds to me like you’d like us to think you’d read the book, but that you didn’t.Because if you had, the bare bones of an essay would form easily, although you might have to flip pages to find quotes and supporting scenes.Nice try, though.I’ll help a little by noting that Pap was rarely in the same town as Huck, and when he was, he was a mean drunk.