Pursuasive essay – Lord of the flies – I need some ideas to get me started.?

I have to take the role of one of the characters from the story, put myself in the perspective of one of them, and pretend they have been rescued and are delivering a message to modern society. Then I have to give a message from the character that could address modern problems. The message should be a lesson that they learned on the island and be related to one of the many themes presented in the novel.Criteria:-Write a persuasive essay from the perspective of one of the characters from the novel. -The persuasive message should be a theme or issue that was presented in the novel. -The persuasive message should have a clearly stated thesis. -Give at least 3 solid supports to address the main thesis. -The paper should include a introduction and closing paragraph. -The paper should be 2-3 pages and use proper format found in the MLA Style for Research Papers and Essays document. -Use examples from the novel to support your ideas. ANY help is GREATLY appreciated thx!

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  1. aggrieving says:

    Read the book!

  2. ayywong says:

    There are alot of themes in the book…like Good vs Evil…just choose a theme.