Is Odysseus an Epic hero?

I have to write an essay for English class and I have to pick a which side of the subject I am to argue for. Either that Odysseus was an Epic hero, or that he was not. I'm not asking if he was just a hero, I want to know if he was an Epic hero. From what I've read and epic hero not only does heric deeds and goes on adventures, but he also has some short commings and/or goes through some transformation. Although, I have also heard that that isn't true and that an epic hero is just one who does many heroic things. Which is true? Is Odysseus an Epic hero, or not?

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  1. denshare says:

    In the story of the Odyssey, Odysseus was put through many ordeals through which we see his moral and physical characteristics. After evaluating such characteristics we can see that Odysseus is a great epic hero. We can see that not only is he superior to most mortal men, he also shares many of the same desires, therefore fulfilling all the technical requirements of a “hero”. Check out the following essay to get some ideas

  2. koodeja says:

    Epos is the genre of literature about heroes.

  3. unwayed says:

    Yes, Odysseus is really one of the biggest epic heroes out there. He definitely had some shortcomings to get over. I mean, he claimed he was a faithful man, and just wanted to get back to his wife. But he spent 7 YEARS on an island with Calypso. Definitely a shortcoming, if you ask me. Plus, he is old, and he sleeps ALOT. Twice during the Odyssey, his journey is delayed because he falls asleep (like when they are almost home, and he falls asleep and his men let the 4 winds out of the bag, and they are blown WAY off course). He has to overcome the fact that he’s older many times throughout the story (his sleeping, and especially when he faces the suitors. Although, the suitors, while they ridicule him for his age, prove to be no challenge for Odysseus). Those are just some of the examples of how/why Odysseus is an epic hero. Start there, and then find out more of your own examples/details for you essay. But he is definitely an epic hero. Hope that helped :)

  4. devenny says:

    Definitely, by any sense of the terms, Odysseus is an Epic hero.