To kill a mocking bird?

i need to write a essay on to kill a mocking bird , my prompt is about characters who are symbolic "mockingbirds". so i need some inspiration for my intro paragraph

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2 Responses to “To kill a mocking bird?”

  1. menorrheic says:

    Use Tom Robinson as a mockingbird. Isn’t it morally, and illegally, wrong to kill an innocent person? Well Tom was the mockingbird. It was wrong to kill a mockingbird. Thus, making it wrong to kill him.

  2. streakedness says:

    Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, and possibly MayellaBoo – He was locked up in his house for his whole life. People thought of him as a monster when he wasn’t/Tom – He was falsely accused of raping Mayella and is later killed.Mayella – She was physically abused by her alcoholic dad.