Can someone tell me if i can still pass the cahsee?

I took the CAHSEE today and I'm confident I did well on the multiple choice on the reading and math section. But on the writing section, I forgot to format the essay to a letter. Instead, I wrote the response like a typical essay: intro, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. But the prompt asked to write a letter and I didn't put the heading or the greeting thing at the bottom. Help! Does formatting hurt your score? I'm scared and I don't want to retake the CAHSEE.

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  1. unfighting says:

    Don’t even worry! If you think you wrote the “letter”/essay well, you should get a 4/4. You can only get a 0 if you stray off topic or if you don’t write in English: also, you will pass unless if you got less than a 60% accuracy…. If the rest of the grading is so frikn easy, I’d be confident I got a full score, regardless if I wrote the prompt in letter format or not. My friend told me that his friend actually drew a picture of a dinosaur just for the heck of it (he was sure to get 100% on everything else to ensure that he will pass) on his rest and still passed…. Idk if this rumor is actually true though; either way, I belie e that you will pass with a 97+%…. (: