I have been looking at many desktop replacement laptops. What type should I get?

I have been looking at many desktop replacements. It will mostly stay around the house, so a 16-17 inch would be nice, though maybe you have other ideas? Here is a list of what i will be using it for:-Essay writing on word, using Microsoft office-Web browsing, watching HD you tube videos-Downloading music, listening to music on iTunes, same goes for films-just generally using iTunes, so maybe some decent speakers and sound system-probably most important when choosing, playing heavy gameson the games topic, games like modern warfare 3, battlefield 3, and elder scrolls v skyrimthis means a good graphics card, good processor, etc.. I looked at a couple of alienwares, but buying one would be overkill, i am not a hardcore gamer, just like to play a fair bit. I am NOT interested in a Mac, or any apple products. My budget is probably 800 euro and below, so 1,000 dollars, 700 pounds. Things like a camera/microphone are nice, but optional. Bluetooth is probably a must, as is a CD drive, and a few usb ports. Obviously WiFi is a must have. Because it's a desktop replacement, weight isn't too important, but hopefully not over 10Ibs. i know a bit about computers, though I haven't really studied it. Thanks in advance. If I'm missing any vital info, if you tell me, I'l get back to you with the needed information.

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  1. wandsche says:

    For that price and to play those games you’re best off looking for something with an i5 or Phenom II 955 processor, and GPU along the lines of a GeForce GTX 560m or dual 460m in SLI, or a Radeon HD 6970M.