When writing an essay on Microsoft Word, how do you double space the WHOLE document?

On the formatting toolbar top or second row there is a box with lines and and up and down arrow. click it and it will give you options for spacing.1.,1.5, 2, etc click on 2.Highlight the text (hold down right mouse button drag mouse overpage) click off below highlighted area. text should be double spaced.You can also type in line spacing, or double space in the help box and there is information on line and paragraph spcaing

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8 Responses to “When writing an essay on Microsoft Word, how do you double space the WHOLE document?”

  1. roeten says:

    Highlight the entire document. Then go to the format tab at the top of your page. Click this tab and then select “paragraph”. Next go to spacing (or line spacing )and select “double”.Hope this helps!

  2. redwares says:

    Type your entire document single-spaced first, format everything the way you want it, spell-check it, etc., until you’re sure you’re done.SAVE Your Original Document.Then select all the text (Ctrl+a) then go to Format pulldown menu, then to Paragraph, and change line-spacing box from single to double. Click OK.Do a Save As to save a different version of your document so that if you mess it up in any way hereafter, you can always go back to the Original and start the double-space formatting over again.Then go thru the document and see if you like the way the pages broke up and if not make minor adjustments as you see fit.Word count is available under the Tools Menu.

  3. Caltha says:

    If its after you finished writting it then select all, then on the tool bar you click on format, select paragraph, when it opens choose “double” where it says LINE SPACING.For knowing the word count you click on tools and then select “word count”

  4. NFS/UDP says:

    Highlight are then go to format, then paragraph, there you should see line spacing then choose double. I hope that helps

  5. sunkland says:

    Highlight the whole documentClick on Format in the menuSelect ParagraphCheck the Double Space optionLook under “Tools” for the “Word Count” option

  6. drivellers says:

    To double space the whole document:Highlight the entire document. Click file – and scroll down and choose paragraph. When the dialog box opens – find the little box within that says line spacing – and choose double.To get a word count:Click on tools – scroll down to word count.Good luck on your essay!

  7. unpeacefulness says:

    Click on the fomat tab at the top of the screenClick on pragraph. On the near right hand quarter of the box, there is a line that sayas spacing. Select doubleClick ok. It should double space everything you type from that point on. If you have already typed in single space. Highlight the whole document, the follow the instructions above. There is a word and character count under tools.Good luck! with the essay

  8. prefertile says:

    you can go to tools>paragraph> and select “double” from the spacing box