Conclusion, please? And.. Critique My Retarded Essay? Thanks :P?

Sometime between the 8th and 9th century B.C. "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" were written, and although not much is known about who the true author is, authorship has been credited to a blind poet named Homer. Almost three thousand years later, the epic poems conitnue to be two of the most appreciated and widely read stories ever told. The classic texts depict two sequential stories about Achilles in The Trojan War, in "The Iliad", and Odysseus' grave quest back to his wife and son in Ithaca in "The Odyssey". Homer wrote these stories in a classic Greek style. Within the writings you can find a massive amount of literary elements. Within "The Odyssey" itself some of those devices include forshadowing, irony, metaphorical speaking, juxtaposition, and comical relief. Homers use of these elements helps create the well-known classical epics. In "The Odyssey" devices such as irony and foreshadowing add drama to the already dramatic piece; for example the foreshadowing of the suitors' inevitable doom. Their doom is foreshadowed by the bird omens, where a more powerful and aggressive bird such as a hawk, that would be considered to be Odysseus, unexpectedly swoops down on their prey, which would be a weak and more vulnerable bird that represents the suitors. The growing tension between him and them foreshadows their inevitable death. The boxing match between the disguised Odysseus and Irus shows and foreshadows just exactly what Odysseus can do to the suitors. Another example of foreshadowing is Odysseus's foreboding feeling that accompanies him as he heads toward the cave, that may have spurred his desire to take the wine along. This event foreshadowed his collision with Polyphemus, and the deception that follows. Irony presents itself with the Phaeacians, who hold a festival in honor of Poseidon and help Odysseus back to Ithaca, not knowing that Odysseus is now an enemy of Poseidon. Irony again presents itself in book 16, when Odysseus and Telemachus, king and prince reunite, in the humble home of a swineherd. As they weep, Homer reminds us just how human these men actually are. Another thing that reveals it may not be quite what it seems is the cyclops Polyphemus. A monster by sight, but we encounter his human emotions as his sheep are leaving and with the juxtaposition of "gently" and "powerful", a new gentle and tenderhearted image is painted. Also by juxstaposing Odysseus's wanderings with those of legendary figures, Homer broadens the spectrum of his piece. Comic relief presents itself with the incapacitation of Melanthius in the storeroom, as does his castration. In Book 23 Homer uses the wedding bed to represent the purity of Penelope and Odysseus's marriage. The symbolism is enriched by the metaphor for their unshakable foundation of love. Metaphorically and literallly, no one, can move their wedding bed.

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    It’s a good essay. Clear thoughts, good grammar, begining/middle/end. It makes sense and the essay is easy to understand.The only thing I can say is that you have some punctuation errors. You need commas in certain spots and you have commas where they shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t have commas before “and.” Also, If you are using “” marks, the commas and periods should be inside the quote.example:YOU WROTEThe classic texts depict two sequential stories about Achilles in The Trojan War, in “The Iliad”, and Odysseus’ grave quest back to his wife and son in Ithaca in “The Odyssey”. THE CORRECT WAYThe classic texts depict two sequential stories about Achilles in The Trojan War, in “The Iliad,” and Odysseus’ grave quest back to his wife and son in Ithaca in “The Odyssey.” See the difference where the commas and periods go in relation to quotation marks?I hope that helps and good luck.