English final exam essay help hahaha pleaseeeee?

out of the characters in shakespeare's hamlet story ,,, what character is a tragic hero. which means has a great importance but possesses a tragic flaw which eventually leads to his downfall. omg 1564987654654 points for whoever can answer this question

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  1. enneagon says:

    The character HAMLET is the tragic hero in the play – he battles with many different situations e.g. the death of his father, his mother’s marriage to Claudius – “Our o’er hasty marriage”, he breaks up with his lover Ophelia – “Get thee to a nunnery!”, he feels he must revenge King Hamlet’s death – “a serpent stung me”, he loses Ophelia to an apparent suicide – “I loved Ophelia”. Maybe Hamlet’s tragic flaw is that he thinks rather than acts. During many times in the play he plans rather than acts – “I must hold my tongue.” Why does Hamlet refrain from killing Claudius until RIGHT at the end of the play? He had his chance when Claudius was praying – but Hamlet decided not to kill Claudius because Claudius would not have suffered in purgatory like his Father. Another flaw of Hamlet’s may be his mistaken act of feigning madness. Why feign madness? I feel Hamlet feigns it to voice his feelings across to his mother – “Mother, you have my father much offended”, “tis almost as bad, good mother, as to kill a king and marry with his brother.” But I think what eventually leads Hamlet to his downfall are the other characters’ in the play.

  2. withholders says:

    Hamlet is the tragic hero. I would say his tragic flaw is his desire or duty to seek revenge on his uncle for killing his father and marrying his mother. Some might also argue that Hamlet is insane, but I think most would agree that was an act that Hamlet did to expose his uncle.

  3. call'em says:

    its hamlet. I wouldnt classify him as one myself, because Hamlet is one of shakespeare’s experimental tragedies, in which he screws around with the standard method for writing tragedies.

  4. shahs says:

    hamlet’s tragic flaws are that he is selfish and stupid. He is so self absorbed that he screws with Ophelia’s head and is constantly lamenting about all the utter sadness around him, the spoiled brat.