How did the lives of women change after WW1? Good and bad things?

i have to write any essay for school about how the lives of women changed after WW1, Good and bad reasons, any ideas?:)

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2 Responses to “How did the lives of women change after WW1? Good and bad things?”

  1. henbits says:

    First of all, what have you been learning in your classes? This assignment sounds like you need some cognitive thinking involved…Consider the roles of women now. They proved themselves to be quite handy in the working field. Perhaps their involvement in the war opened doors of opportunities… *hint hint*

  2. miserablenesses says:

    During World War One women got a lot more independence from men. For the first time they were taking up work positions other than ones to do with cleaning/ looking after children etc. They were working in munition factories and taking many positions that men alone had held. This meant that they were earning their own wages and did not need to rely on anyone for money, and not having a marry for get money either. Once women had this type of independence they wanted to keep it. After the war when the men returned they wanted to go back to their previous jobs, but the women wanted to stay working and in their positions. This caused some friction and things did change, women were allowed to vote a few years later (though their were catches it wasn’t open to everyone). So in many ways the war did liberate women from their roles, that and the contraceptive pill also meant that they could be more sexually promiscuous without the consequences of a child. This all meant that women were on their way to becoming much more self efficient. For men there were negatives as they wanted to return to their jobs, and some of them couldn’t.