Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay?

I wrote this essay, and i dont know if its good. i was supposed to use emotional appeal, parallelism, Rhetoric questioning, and repitition. did i use all of these?Friends, Romans, countrymen, please lend me your attention;I have come to this burial today solely to speak about our dear friend Brutus. Brutus was a man of much sympathy and gratefulness, whose heart led him to do what he believed, was best for his people. Brutus was a loving friend, a great military leader, and an all around wonderful person. Although some may not be fond of Brutus and his regretted actions, I am here today to praise him and inform everyone about how good of a person he really was. Initially, Brutus was a man for the people who did what he believed was necessary. Although Cassius had forced Brutus into thinking that Caesar was in fact ambitious, Brutus believed him and thought that by murdering Caesar, it would save the lives of the Roman people in the long run. Whereas many of the conspirators killed Caesar because they feared the possibility of him becoming too powerful, Brutus killed him so you, your children, and your grandchildren would be able to someday live freely. Brutus loved Caesar dearly, in yet he still had the Roman people in his heart as his first priority. O dear Romans; Does having an interest in the lives of your citizens make a person someone to not be fond of? Some people were not fond of dear Brutus, so therefore Brutus must not have been a good person. Additionally, Brutus died for his people. If you recall the speech Brutus recited following the death of Caesar, you will remember something that Brutus promised you all. Brutus ended that speech saying "With this I depart, that, as I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the same dagger for myself when it shall please my country to need my death." Did Brutus not fulfill his promise? We had all been at war just a few days ago, and Brutus realized that the only way lives could be saved was to kill himself, which would then end the battles. Brutus did as he promised by killing himself with the very dagger he had used to kill Caesar, only because it would "please his country to need his death." Even though he saved his people, some people were not fond of dear Brutus, so therefore Brutus must not have been a good person. Furthermore, Brutus was very sympathetic and honorable. Brutus’ Honorability can be observed from when he told the conspirators that they must not be butchers and that they should "slice as a meal fit for the gods." By saying these words, it was understood that the conspirators mustn’t kill Antony. Also, Brutus even allowed Antony to speak at Caesars’ funeral, completely disregarding Cassius’s advice. Unfortunately, it was these good traits that Brutus possessed that wound up leading to his defeat. Despite the fact that Brutus was honorable, some people were not fond of dear Brutus, so therefore Brutus must not have been a good person.All in all, I believe we have all overlooked Brutus and his actions, and that Rome will probably never see a man so great as him. Brutus was such a wonderful person, that those who were not fond of him must not have been good people themselves. During his lifetime, Brutus lived for the Romans, fought for then Romans, and died for the Romans. Even his enemy in time of battle (Antony) agreed that Brutus was "the noblest of all Romans." It is through his life that we can all learn how to become better people, and live our lives honorably. Marcus Brutus has shown himself to be a wonderful example how one should behave and act, and may be rest in peace.

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    Was this suppose to be in Jane Schaffer format? For the most part its very good. You have used all of the required elements you stated above, although you need to watch out for puntuation. If you think your essay isn’t the best, at least make it look as neat as possible. That would definately give you the points.

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    I think it was good! oh and by the way Bigc86 you spelled”definitely” wrong…… Report Abuse