My teacher asked me to write an essay evaluating the class and his teaching…How Should I set it up?

Set it up in the basic essay format: Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion.I'd write introduction about how you feel you have succeeded in the class and also where you question the class. Make a thesis statement that reflects how you feel about that class and come up with three reasons why you thought this.With that said, each of these reasons will be the basis for your 3 body paragraphs. In these body paragraphs, go more in depth inside the reasons behind what you said in your thesis and try to bring in specific examples of why you think that. Also, include how that can be approved upon.In your conclusion, talk about how you feel like the teaching is compared to the importance of the subject and talk about if, with the way you feel about the class in mind, you got the most you possibly could out of the class.

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