okay for english i need to write a 400 or less division or analysis essay. the topic is either an especially bad movie, TV show, or book. or i could write about a doll, game, or other toy from childhood. i have no idea where to even begin. please help me thankss soooo much <333

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  1. zinging says:

    Hope this isn’t due tomorrow. Think……………What of these things do you like to do? How do enjoy passing the time? Sports? Write about an especially bad sports team of your favorite sport. That way it’s a subject you know about that will take little research.Or about an especially bad president. No matter who you are or how old you are, you could go back less than 100 days, or as far back as 120 days to find someone you think was bad.Be sure and organize it in the right format. Don’t rant on and on for 400 words and then stop.

  2. laotian says:

    What you need to do is to stop and think…I know this sounds silly, but it’s true. Often when we’re given an assignment, our mind explodes and we can’t think of simple things.If I asked you to tell me what’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen, what would you say? Can you talk about it for a while? If so, that might be your topic. If not, repeat that question and insert other words for “movie” like “TV show” or “book” or “game.”There are plenty of movies that are really awful – I’m sure you can find one that you dislike enough to write about.