Has anyone taken the ARIZONA BAR EXAM?

FIRST: PLEASE only REAL answers! I am an attorney who just got taking the CA bar exam and was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult the AZ bar exam was. I would be especially interested in hearing from those who have taken more than one state's exam and how AZ's exam compares in the level of difficulty in terms of the ESSAY questions. I know 1 of the 2 days is the MBE and I have no worries about that part of the exam. After preparing for CA's exam, I guess I want to know how much prep time will be required to pass the essay part of AZ's exam! Thanks!

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  1. pownall says:

    I can’t answer from personal experience because I only took the CA exam (and passed the first time). However, a former colleague of mine who took the CA exam at least five times struggled with the essay portion of the exam. Frustrated with his results, he took the AZ exam and passed on his first attempt. He still has not passed the CA exam and does not practice law.Certainly, AZ’s pass rate is higher (that’s why he took the exam). I know that the CA pass rate is lower for attorney applicants than for first timers. I can’t imagine that statistic being too different for AZ. From what I understand, the AZ exam has a higher pass rate partly because CA has more lower tier and non-ABA accredited schools and partly because it is easier.I wouldn’t recommend putting in less effort than you have for CA. My advice is to take advantage of the higher bar-pass rate and make sure that you pass by studying eight hours a day just like you did (I assume) for the CA exam. Don’t just study the law, but PRACTICE those essays. If you do what Bar-Bri says, you should be OK.