I need some chem help!?

Question 1Which of the following is a product formed when Ag2O decomposes?- Ag2- O- O2- AgOQuestion 2 Which of the following is a synthesis reaction?- C2H4 + 3 O2 yields 2 CO2 + 2 H2O- 2HCl yields H2 + Cl2- 2K + 2 HCl yields 2 KCl + H2- SO3 + H2O yields H2SO4Question 3 Which of the following combinations of reactants will result in a synthesis reaction?- Cl2 + BaF2- Mg + HClO3- Li + H2O- SO2 + H2OQuestion 4 Which of the following compounds will produce H2O as one of the products when it decomposes?- Cu(OH) 2- Hg(ClO3)2- MgCO3- CaOQuestion 5 What do all decomposition reactions have in common?- They all produce water (H2O) as one of the products.- They all produce individual elements as the final products.- They start with more active reactants and end with less active products.- They start with one reactant and end with more than one product.Question 6 Give the complete balanced equation for the reaction that occurs when magnesium chlorate (Mg(ClO3)2) is heated. Question 7 - Which of the following is a product formed when Na2O and H2O react together?- Na2OH- O2- NaOH- H2Question 8 (Essay Worth 4 points)Write the complete balanced equation for the reaction between barium metal (Ba) and nitrogen gas (N2). whoever can help me out on this stuff will get an imaginary hug

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  1. jordon says:

    Q1. O2 (2Ag2O => 4Ag + O2)Q2. SO3 + H2O => H2SO4 (there is only one product, aka synthesis)Q3. SO2 + H2O => H2SO3Q4. Cu(OH)2 => H2O + CuO Q5.- They start with one reactant and end with more than one product.Q6. Mg(ClO3)2 => MgCl2 + 3O2Q7. Na2O + H2O => 2NaOHQ8. 3Ba + N2 => Ba3N2I want that hug!

  2. infinitize says:

    1) O22) SO3 + H2O3) SO2 + H2O4) Cu(OH)24) Cu(OH)25) They start with more reactive products etc.6) Mg(ClO3)2(s) + heat –> MgCl2(s) + 3O2(g)7) NaOH