Getting into Medicine with BTEC drama + normal A levels?

Hi,I'm curious as to whether universities will accept me if I do a BTEC in drama, perhaps the one equivalent to 2 A levels? I have just sat my 4 AS levels: Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English Literature. I feel I will meet the requirements for the first 3, however I completely messed up on English and will probably get a D realistically (based on coursework marks and exam preparation). I would do an AS in drama to make up for the English in my gap year but I want to do something more practical based as I do struggle with things like structuring my essays. I have a passion for acting and want to show that I do have a life outside Medicine. Thanks!P.S. Does anyone happen to know of any Drama summer camps I can join to add to my CV? I have done everything extra curricular (and more)n required to gain entry to Medicine.

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  1. apocope says:

    The drama isn’t going to be looked to favorably on. I would suggest keeping on english literature and repeating the modules you feel that you didn’t do too well on.