What thesis should i write for teen violence?

heyy i have to do an essay on teen violence but im stuck on my thesis can anyone plzz give me a good thesis or ideas thanx:D

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3 Responses to “What thesis should i write for teen violence?”

  1. theresit says:

    Your whole essay will support your thesis so pick something that space for a strong argument and is very interesting…I would say something to do with media and how it influences teens, or gang violence in middle to lower class neighborhoods, racial issues is a BIG one and it is very broad in ideas….etc think of what goes through a teen minds when they face society, what can be affecting them to become violent? discrimination etc…

  2. incautious says:

    The excess of information from the many media is causing a confusion of values. Try to imagine the situation just 200 years ago. Young people for the most part lived in rural communities, continually in contact with farmland, animals, crops. They went to simple schoolrooms, attended church on sundays, learned how life is generated from the real thing. Today most of them live in an urban environment, where they never see these elements of nature. They are caught in a profusion of values, of abstract information, conflicts of interest, multiple sources competing for their attention, images of aggression and violence, lies from advertising, politicians, competing religions. Their parents are caught in the system, often have little time to orient the family. This confusion of values and conflicting information inputs can cause a psychological breakdown wherein violence is at least a simple solution to strike back at an impossible world.

  3. hothouses says:

    A good one is about media and video games, Take a view that they do or do not promote violence, and that our young people are getting violent because of it. Also in music, promoting violent attitudes