Is this a good analysis essay for 9th grade advanced english class?

Note: The paragraphs did not copy properly due to yahoo answers' inability to allow formatting. Irony is a very powerful literary device. It can be used to express great emotion, ranging from sarcastic frivolity to deep terror to true, heartfelt love. The utter diversity of the uses of irony is monumentally astounding. One may infer a humorous connotation from the word "irony", but as I stated above, irony is not limited in its uses to comedic devices. It is a core aspect of literature, and if it were absent from reality, literature would be unimaginably altered, and perhaps even its ability to sustain its quintessential position in culture would be shaken to its core. There are several different types of irony: verbal irony, sarcastic verbal irony, dramatic irony, tragic irony, situational irony, cosmic irony, and historical irony. Verbal irony is the act of saying something yet meaning something entirely different. Sarcastic verbal irony is the same as verbal irony, except for the fact that the statement is made in a sarcastic, or a mocking statement meant to convey contempt or to condemn, manner. Dramatic irony is the device of the reader of a literatary piece which gives the reader knowledge of certain information that one or more of the characters in the story are not consciously aware of. Tragic irony is similar to dramatic irony, except tragic irony occurs when the actions of the characters contradict the actual situation that they are in, which the reader fully realizes. Situational irony is when something different than what one would expect occurs. Cosmic irony, or irony of fate, is similar to situational irony; it is when there is a strong differentiation between human ideals and reality or human intentions and actual results. The resulting situation is despondent and contrary to what was expected to occur. Historical irony, or cosmic irony through time, is when the sharp contrasts between the ideas about the future from people who lived in the past and actual reality from our perspective is observed. A literary piece that provides a paramount example of cosmic irony is The Gift of the Magi, authored by William Sydney Porter. His pen name was O. Henry. The story is about a husband and wife who, due to the fact that they loved each other unconditionally, selflessly sacrificed both of their most prized possessions in order to sell it to afford a Christmas present for the other. The wife sold her pulchritudinous hair in order to be able to afford a regal pocketwatch chain for her husband. Her husband sold his pocketwatch in order to afford an elegant hair brush for his wife to brush her hair with. This is a classic example of cosmic irony; they both intend to give each other the greatest materialistic present they possibly can, ignorant of the other's actions until the moment of truth. The cosmic irony contained in The Gift of the Magi plays a quintessential role in the expression of its moral lessons put through a filter of allegory. It enables the reader to more deeply comprehend the messages of the necessity of love, selflessness, giving, and kindness by showing the unconditional love between the husband and his wife. Irony is a very powerful device. Though it may have a humorous connotation to some, as I explained above, it does not necessarily have to apply to humor or sarcasm. Irony is just as sufficient at portraying great joy and love, or great sadness.

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