An interesting sentence such as ”as fast as a leopard” for my essay introduction?

the topic question for my essay is : discuss the way the world has changed since 20 years'' and i have this so far: in many ways, the world has changed dramatically in the past. and now i need one of those sentences,like ''as fast as a leopard'', that make it interesting, can someone help ? thanks so much!

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  1. footboy says:

    In academic essays you should avoid catch phrases, similes, and metaphors that you can’t back up with your research. It weakens your argument and puts the essay marker in the mindset that you might not be as well versed on your topic as you might be. Keep in mind…history is almost NEVER lightning quick…there is always a background and a build up to an event or change in social attitude Below is just an idea as i don’t know what your paper is about.Something more the the tune of… In the past 20 years the world has changed in such a way that would be almost impossible to recognize for those who were teenagers only in the 1980′s. Games that only one generation back would have been played in a high tech arcade can now be played on an child’s mobile phone…

  2. contemnor says:

    With lightning speed, the world changes, especially in the past twenty years.