Ocean? Short Essay?

1.describe unique adaptations that deep sea fish have in order to live where they do?2. how do gyres affect the ocean and the land nearby?3.Design an easy lab that allows students to see one of the different properties of ocean water (salinity, temperature, movements)?4 hours ago - 1 week left to answer.

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  1. Vinland says:

    Dear Ocean, hello there! Thank you for having many generous proportions of edible creations. It’s not always obvious, but deepness is often accompanied by drowning. Caution when being near oceans is justifiable since life is precious and you are stupid. If all is well and you are not in danger, enjoy ocean. The end.

  2. walford says:

    Most grouper species change sex during their lives, usually from female to male, so that larger fish are usually male. This phenomenon is called ‘sequential hermaphroditism’

  3. Bridgetown says:

    1. Presure abaptations and visibility2. different sents put out efeect currents3. ur on ur own