Please help me! It’ll be appreciated! Thanks so much. Oh and it’s about an essay. UGH.?

Help with essay on family please? Answers appreciated?I have to do this essay on the advantages and disadvantages of family and I've struggled with this for a long time now. I have to find an article relevant to my essay which is reputable and reliable, not wikipedia where anyone can change the information. So far, I have found some articles but I don't know which is best. Could you help me pick since this is my first year doing essays and am really confused? Also, how do you use an article in an essay? Like do you quote from it or what? Can you give an example? Please help, I'm really desperate here. 10 points awarded for best answer! Thanks so much! :)I have to do 4 paragraphs on advantages and 2 on disadvantages.Advantages:1.Determines your morals and values.2.Medical matches. example: blood or heart donor etc.3.sense of identity due to shared culture and tradition.4.They don't judge, they provide and care for you, stay through thick and thin. Give support.Disadvantages:1. Broken families lead to severe impact on children. (due to parents divorcing)2.Restricts you and limits you. Has high expectations and cause stress.Here are the articles i have found so far: [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …Oh, and do they need to be recent? Thanks again

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  1. Frank says:

    you have still school? we are on june in italy u.u (10.20 am) the differences are so exitant,it isn’t?

  2. seeyyaa says:

    I needed some more detail on your question, so I decided to stalk your account (I do apologize). This question is more comprehensive than your other post, so I’ll answer here.Since you are only allowed one article, you may be best using a dissertation or thesis. These are comprehensive papers containing information from myriads of sources. Here is an excellent one on your topic: [external link] …To use an article in an essay, you should paraphrase information from the article, but you may make direct quotes, too. Just ensure you cite the source.It seems as if this essay is designed like an editorial. If that is the case, you may need to read the article, and change your points for advantages and disadvantages to ideas which are supported in your chosen source. Good luck. :)