How can I write essays for the AP test faster? AP in general?

on my AP world history essays, by the time is finished, i only finish my 1st body (2nd paragraph) or starting my 2nd body (3rd paragraph) i need major speed assistance or else im gonna come out of the AP test with a 1 or 2.In general, is there any way that can give me a huge help on studying for the AP test even though its only 3 weeks till my test?

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4 Responses to “How can I write essays for the AP test faster? AP in general?”

  1. kenmawr says:

    usually if you have a good introduction with topic sentences it will flow pretty well. dont try to give more than necessary, just answer the question completely

  2. pulverate says:

    Here’s what I would suggest:Ask a teacher, friend, or parent to give you 40 total topics (you can split this up, of course). They don’t have to relate to history, but they should be on something that you should already know, that can be expressed in 1-2 pages.Put the topics on strips of paper, and toss them in a hat.Every night, take a strip, and start writing. Time yourself, but don’t worry about the time for the first week – the point here is to just get used to brainstorming and writing quickly.If you have time, take out another strip and write – don’t do more than 2 exercises a night.Use this method to break up your studying – that way while you’re studying for the test, you aren’t just monotonously studying away.

  3. pascas says:

    after you read the question, take a minute (literally, not more) to write a quick outline of your essay on some scrap paper or the margin- that way you’ll know where you want to go with your essay, and you’ll be able to leave out time-consuming stuff that doesn’t add to your argument. Beyond that, practice keeping an eye on the clock.Worked for me in AP history/government. Good luck.

  4. manganeses says:

    It hard to prepare for pressured events. Just make a list of important things, about one sentance each, and keep going over it. When it comes to the test, just remember the list or write it down as soon as you get started on a different sheet of paper. Then just cram everything in. Dont worry too much about detail. In my opinion, in this case its the quantity that counts, not the quality. But then again, know what the teacher is looking for.