ATTENTION ALL MACBOOK AIR USERS! Questions About Macbook Air 2.13GHz?

Recently I've Been Thinking about a Macbook Air and Had some questions for people who have this Laptop:Im a HighSchool Student and Just want a Laptop for Personal Use like-BUYING MUSIC ON ITUNES-MICROSOFT OFFICE ( SCHOOL ESSAYS)-WEB BROWSING I do not plan on doing any gaming, video editing, traveling allot with it, but want to make sure that the Macbook Air can hold all my Itunes Music with slowing down in crashing because I have like 800 songs.**** Also My Family is planing on purchasing an IMac 27 inch. when I buy my Lap top so I dnt need too Much******* Also please dont tell me to get a PC or anyother Macbooks. Just Adress My Question Thnx!Thnx ALL MACBOOK AIR USERS

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  1. wawled says:

    it will work 800 songs isnt that much and it still has a USB port – however as it lacks a DVD drive you can’t import cD’s into it – so long as you get the hard disk version! the SSD one is not too good at repeated disk taks and is less secure as regards data loss than the hard disk version.As for it being suitable in all reality its way too slow for the price the std 13″ macbook pro is faster and more stable.. AND has a clearer screen…