HELP WITH ESSAY! what is an american?!?!?

its getting me stumped i need more things to say. please help!heres what i have so far:America has been referred to "The Melting Pot" or "Salad Bowl" to show the diversity throughout the country, but "Salad Bowl" is becoming the official way to describe America’s unique multiculturalism. An American is someone who is a citizen of the United States, also someone who was born in America or came here for a new life. People who believe in the power of democracy and the amendments and the true meaning of having freedom can also be considered as an American.The "salad bowl" theory explains that America is made up of many types of cultures and religions but we all function together in harmony. Many immigrants travel from all around the world to come to America. They seek freedom and somewhere where they can make a life for themselves. Some come from communist nations and want the freedom, others aren’t living the life they wanted and have a dream of what they want to live like. Many people around the world don’t have the advantages of living in a democracy, such as Cuba and North Korea. America makes people feel brand new and fresh with nothing holding them back. America was the first country in the world to create the idea of the people having rights to control the government system. America has been the land of the free for many years; it’s the country of refuge and protection.

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  1. jofried says:

    american = fat bastard

  2. knackwursts says:

    a selfish spoiled brat

  3. buitron says:

    Didn’t catch it.Do you want me to continue your essay?

  4. astrier says:

    An american man is a fat man who goes on the internet and lies about him self. An american women is a slutty fat ***** who masterbaits with food then eats it.

  5. tautaugs says:

    your have described it already…An American has roots in all places and cultures. Europe Asia Africa and have come together to become one people. They are not white, black, yellow, or orange.The biggest issue of being an American is freedom. All men and woman should be free unfortunately there are many forms of oppression

  6. oxman says:

    You could also add in the fact that Americans are a strong united group of people, and what American pride is all about. For example, during 9/11 how the whole nation “held hands” in a sense and came together. Possibly even a little about what its like to be raised in this great nation? Hope that helps a little :)

  7. ajou says:

    WHAT IS AN AMERICAN? some1 who lives in USAgoogle USA if u dont knwo wat that satdns for

  8. bromated says:

    I think you have hit the mark on your essay. One more thing I think is true but you should not put in your Essay is – The place that muslims want to put down & destroy (but they still want to come to the USA).

  9. ioaudio says:

    just dont try at all only add opinion, and finish quick

  10. bowline's says:

    A lazy bum who only sits around and eats chips, watching T.V., and being to lazy to do anything going on in the world.