How do you structure of a literature review?

i am doing a literature review in sociology (2000 words)i just want to know how do you structure a litrature review- just the structurehow do u go about writing one im thinking of doing my paper on the subject of homosexuality and its rejection in society dont ask y i have put my question in this section i have asked in other sections but haven’t got a good answer. i have been told it is different to a structure of an essay, where u have yr intro, body and conclusion wher the body r argumentative points. so im a bit confusedso just need advicethanks

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  1. unpitiful says:

    I would think that by review you mean what I would call essay.You have in my mind 2 options one of which is to write purely a unbiased factual report such a titled similar to ” opinions within modern society on homosexuality” or an article delivering an argument titled such as ” Why homosexuality is rejected in modern society” whichever you choose you will need to substantiate what you sayThe way to look at the task is the same as writing a book, Beginning – Middle and End.Create the opening section of 150 to 200 words which introduces your opinion and argument, and your final section 200 to 300 words with draws the article to a conclusion referring back to the middle.Always use the terms “in my opinion or in some opinions” on ny topic that is controversial and use the term ” it has been claimed or some people say” on anything you can not prove,Once you have created the beginning and the end the middle bit is “filling” to tie the other two bits together , stick as many facts and statistics as possible with your particular “bias” [slant].a good phrase to use is ” a noticeable difference of opinion on this point is …..” which can easily stick 20 words into the content if you are having difficulty,[hope it helps]