Proper essay in german- Was Mochten sie in den sommer ferien machen?

Was möchtest Du in den Sommerferien machen? (informal)Was möchten Sie in den Sommerferien machen? (formal)

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3 Responses to “Proper essay in german- Was Mochten sie in den sommer ferien machen?”

  1. untroubledly says:

    Was möchten(moechten) Sie in den Sommerferien machen?You can’t just leave the dots out..For example:schön=beautifulschon=alreadyö=oeä=aeü=ueß=ssBut i don’t understand your question…do you want us to write an essay for you or what?

  2. Eireannach says:

    What do I like for making in the summer? Again, my German is rusty.

  3. careened says:

    what exactly is your question? do you want someone to write an essay for you or do you need a proper translation of the topic? (what would you like to do during the summer holidays?)